Our History

Hello and thank you for visiting.  My name is Karen Laggett and along with my partner, Jonathan Harwood, started The Cotswold Pudding Company back in 2007. 

I would like to tell you that I have always loved baking, after all, one of my earliest memories was standing on a chair in my mother’s kitchen watching her bake cakes, biscuits and puddings.  But I wasn’t really interested in the baking process, only the whisk she gave me at the end to lick and devouring the finished article of course!

Luckily things changed and as I got older I became interested in cooking all sorts of things, with a varied degree of success.  Baking anything sweet was however my great love – I just found it so relaxing and satisfying and still do!  Even when I’ve got all the mixers and ovens on the go, with a vat of caramel boiling on the hob, I usually feel relaxed, happy and calm. 

We began selling our puddings at Stroud Farmer’s market which was an excellent way to start the company.  I have never felt more nervous on the first market day we did, thinking nobody would buy anything.  Luckily they did and thereafter began to supply independent retailers throughout the Cotswolds and beyond. 

We are still a very small concern, with just me doing the baking, Jon dealing with the packing and deliveries and our part-timer Natalie sorting us both out!

We are very lucky doing a job we just love, in an area that is so beautiful.